What Information Do I Need

If you have decided that you want to contact me for help then it will be helpful to provide following information at the earliest opportunity:

  • A brief summary of the background – the nature of the problem.
  • The identity (names) of the parties involved (this is important to ensure at a very early stage that there is no ‘conflict of interest’)
  • A brief summary of all steps that have been taken so far especially if proceedings have been issued.
  • Any relevant correspondence relating to the problem
  • Any court documents
  • An outline what you hope to ultimately achieve, and
  • An outline of what you want (for example: do you want advice only? If so, do you want advice in writing, in person or by telephone/video conference? Do you just was representation in court? Or is it help with papers and forms?)
  • I am prepared to offer a short (15-30 minutes) telephone or video conference to gather more detailed facts. This will be free-of-charge and without obligation but no legal advice will be provided during this conference.

If after having considered all of the information on these pages you think that I could assist then please get in touch using the contact form on the contact page.