Areas of Law

I have a mixed civil practice. The majority of my instructions through solicitors are in the field of personal injury. At present, if you have suffered injury in a road traffic collision, an accident at work our a slip, trip or a fall in a public place then you are probably best advised to make your claim through a solicitor.

I am also regularly instructed in contractual disputescommercial and consumer problems. I assist in both business to business disputes and disputes between businesses and consumers.

I have some previous experience in employment law, insurance claims, cohabitation and trusts of land in addition to other property law issues.

I assist in both dispute resolution and dispute prevention including debt recovery.

I have completed a CMC Civil & Commercial Mediator course and I can assist you in preparing for mediation and I can attend a mediation with you as representative and advisor.

The above are matters that are generally very amenable to direct access particularly in the case of small businesses where the financial value of any claim is likely to be relatively small and where keeping costs to a minimum is important.

I have a very keen interest in sport and the law – the application of diverse areas of law in the sporting context.

My experience extends to other areas of law and you are welcome to approach me with any issue on an enquiry-only basis and if I do not have the knowledge, skill or experience to assist then I am duty bound to inform you of that fact. In such an instance it is highly likely that I would nevertheless be able to point you in the direction of someone who could help you with your problem.