Mediation is a very effective way in which to settle most legal disputes.

Mediation as a means of resolving disputes has many benefits; it can be a faster way of resolving matters and it has the benefit of delivering a resolution and an outcome that a Court determined judgment and order might not be able to deliver.

Mediation gives the parties to the dispute control over the outcome; in Court proceedings the outcome is dictated by the Judge.

Mediation is also confidential. Whether mediation results in a resolution to the dispute or not – it will be a matter that remains confidential. If mediation is not successful then you can still pursue the dispute through the Courts.

Parties to mediation are often although not always represented by lawyers.

If you are considering mediation and require representation then I am able to assist. As someone who has successfully passed a CMC Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediators course, I understand the process and I can assist you whether that be through evaluating respective positions, advising on tactics or representing you at the mediation itself including the drafting of any agreement reached at the mediation.